Summertime sights in Red Bank: a video tour of beauty beyond imagination

When we first settled on Red Bank, we thought we knew everything about the town on that first day, but boy we were sorely mistaken.  This town has so many hidden wonders to discover, but summertime is undeniably a good opportunity to do just that!

Sure, the heat is going to be relentless at times, but being so close to the Navesink River, Red Bank benefits from the occasional breeze that manages to somehow make its way into the deepest parts of town. While the days can be unbearable at times when the humidity is up there, Red Bank is sprawling with restaurants, boutique stores, art galleries, and so much more to keep you cool and preoccupied during the mornings and afternoons.

Red Bank sunsets 7 of 10
Panoramic view of the Navesink River off Riverside Gardens Park.

On some nights, however, the breeze coming off the water helps to dissipate the stuffiness – and you’ll be surprised by the amount of buzz that’s in town because of that! Still, summertime is a great chance to walk down the streets and see the wonders of what Red Bank has to offer.

Red Bank Rainbow 3 of 6
A bustling downtown area.

From its diverse shopping locales, to its artsy district, and even its scenic parks, we’re always in awe about what Red Bank has to offer during the summer. Take a look at some of those gorgeous sunsets overlooking the Navesink! The warm golden glow perfectly sums up the kind of beauty you’ll find throughout town.

Quite fittingly, summertime in Red Bank is just beauty beyond imagination. Please, don’t forget to check out our video to see what it’s like in Red Bank during summertime. You might even fall in love after checking it out.

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