Should Kaboom come back to Red Bank?


This is a question that many residents and people familiar with the past events think about when July 4th rolls around each and every year. We weren’t here to witness the spectacle called Kaboom, Red Bank’s annual fireworks showcase event, but after checking out the show at Long Branch over the holiday, it definitely begs the question whether Kaboom should make a return.

There’s no denying that a fireworks show is something that people wouldn’t be too opposed about. However, the reputation of Kaboom strikes mixed feelings to residents and people who live locally. Who doesn’t want a fireworks show for July 4th, right?

fireworks in Long Branch 11 of 12
The fireworks show in Long Branch, NJ on July 4, 2017.

During Long branch’s annual event of “Oceanfest,” spectators not only packed the beach and boardwalk for the night’s fireworks show, but many people were there earlier to grab food from the various food vendors brought in for the event – in addition to all the other craft vendors that were there too!

Of course, with so many people packed into a confined area, it results in some logistical challenges related to motorist and pedestrian traffic. On top of that, additional security measures are necessary to ensure safety throughout the event.

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The influx of people requires additional security.

Those factors are just a few of the many challenges that faces the return of July 4th fireworks celebrations in Red Bank. What do you think? And you can’t forget about the cleanup afterwards.

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