Red Bank Food & Wine Walk 2017: The pictures that’ll make you want to attend the next one

The Red Bank Food & Wine Walk happened on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, July 16th, 2017. The gorgeous weather made it especially inviting for attendees to walk throughout town, sampling on some lite bites and refreshments from the businesses participating in it.

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Wine sampling from The Wine Cellar in Red Bank.

We stopped by as many of the participating businesses, snapping up some photos of the treats being served by each respective business. With each stop, we began to realize that this is the kind of event that paints a picture of Red Bank – a town filled with buzz and activity, but without feeling like you’re in a congested city.

While stopping by to nibble and sample some of the bites, some of the participants managed to even take some time off from all the walking to dine-in at one particular location. People were going in and out of these businesses, and from the looks of it all, everyone had a fun time exploring.

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Food being served at Gaetano’s for the Food and Wine Walk.

For the cost of a ticket, $35, the Red Bank Food and Wine Walk has plenty to see and offer! Not only do you get to witness the scenery of this picturesque town while walking, but the inviting atmosphere makes it even more enjoyable to experience it. If you missed out on this one, don’t worry because there are two more dates lined up for it – so take note and plan accordingly! Those dates are August 20th and September 17th.

Check out all the photos we snapped up from the event below!


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