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Our happy hour with Cocktail Caravan at Edel Haus Farm


Yesterday, we spent happy hour with the awesome folks who run the Cocktail Caravan, a mobile caravan bar that you can hire for all sorts of events.

The happy hour event was held over at the Edel Haus Farm in Wall Township, NJ. Being a mobile bar of sorts, the Cocktail Caravan is a unique alternative that’s perfect for special events, weddings, receptions, corporate gatherings, and much more! Drinks are served cold and refreshing at the caravan, which covers a wide range of beers, cocktails, and other mixed drinks.

As for the location, the Edel Haus Farm, it’s a sprawling venue perfect for events like this. Not only is it a wonderful wedding venue, it even features an Alpaca farm!

Make sure to check out our photos below from our happy hour event, as well as the video above that highlighted the best moments!

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