2nd annual Monmouth Film Festival comes to Red Bank from August 11 to 13

After a rousing start last year, the Monmouth Film Festival is coming to Red Bank once again from August 11th to the 13th.

The 2nd annual Monmouth Film Festival will feature a diversified portfolio of films ranging the gamut, such as shorts and documentaries to name a few. Things will kick off on the evening of Friday, August 11th, with a networking event that’ll bring together actors, writers, indie filmers, directors, and much more – in addition to meeting with representative from the New York Film Academy. While the schedule of planned events are still being finalized for the rest of the festival, it’ll conclude on Sunday, August 11th, with its official awards ceremony.

Tickets and passes will begin to go on sale starting mid-July with individual tickets starting as low as $12. For those who want to be engrossed in the experience, VIP passes are available through a pre-sale starting at $85. For more details about the Monmouth Film Festival, the listing of planned events, and pricing, please make sure to click the source link below.

source: Monmouth Film Festival



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