The Great Red Bank Egg Hunt is on for April 15th

The Red Bank Business Alliance, an alliance consisting of local Red Bank business owners, just teased an upcoming event in Red Bank for Saturday, April 15th.

The Great Red Bank Egg Hunt, which will feature an escape room-esque style, will have attendees going throughout the downtown area to uncover eggs that have been secretly scattered around. The mystery in all of this is what exactly you’ll find in those eggs!

Given the escape room approach it’s going to follow, it means that you’ll need your detective skills in order to solve puzzles. This isn’t your ordinary egg hunt, so cracking clues will be crucial in finding them.

Various prizes and surprises are in store for those who wish to participate in it. All ages are welcomed, but children under 18 will need to be accompanied by an adult.

More details about the event will come as we near the date, but just know that the hunt is scheduled to start at 2PM.

source: Red Bank Business Alliance

Egg Hunt


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