Next Rally for the Navesink meeting will focus on bringing back oysters

We’ve been following the Rally for the Navesink for some time now, attending a few meetings and spreading awareness through our videos, but it looks the next meeting has finally been set by the organization Clean Ocean Action. You’ll want to circle down March 8th, which will be the next Rally for the Navesink meeting.

Based on the information given to us by the organization, this meeting will focus on bringing back oysters to the majestic Navesink River, which has been downgraded due to pollution. There will be a handful of speakers who will be talking about the history and unique biology of the Navesink Oysters.

If you plan attending the March 8th meeting, just know that it starts at 6:30 PM at the Viola L. Sickles School, the all-purpose room, over at Fair Haven.

source: Clean Action Ocean via Facebook


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