The Best Is Yet To Come


It’s funny how things go sometimes. When we first thought about the concept of Red Bank Pulse, we figured it’d be nothing more than just a simple database for visitors to check out all the great happy hour specials going on throughout Red Bank. As time went on, however, the site began to evolve into more than just that.

Many of you have seen our videos, which are recorded, edited, and produced with very little investment on our part. Red Bank Pulse is our side project, something we love to do in our spare time – after our normal everyday jobs. Regardless, it’s something we’re passionate about doing and sharing.

Change is inevitable, that’s just the reality. And as we continue to venture out beyond our usual coverage, 2017 brings forth some new opportunities for us. We’re experimenting with other things besides the food, the events, and all the fun that Red Bank has to offer. And with that, folks, we can just tell you for now that the best is yet to come. We promise! So stay tuned!

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