Free parking in Red Bank from now until December 25th

While we were in town during lunchtime to check out Jimmy John’s yesterday, we came to the realization about something after being stumped several times. Yes, finding a parking spot during the busy lunchtime hour is an adventure on its own, but when it came to paying for the parking, that was totally another thing.

After finding the closest parking meter, we were confused as to why the one we were using wasn’t turning on. So, after a minute of trying, we decided to give up and try another one. Unfortunately, we found ourselves in the same predicament – it wasn’t working either!


One might be a fluke, but two, there has to be something up? By this time, we were quickly getting annoyed about having to check a third terminal just to pay for the parking. Well apparently, we forget the memo! And after the 5th or so terminal, we realized that none of the meters were working because it’s free parking in Red Bank!

Yes, you read that right folks! It’s free parking in town from now until December 25th, in line to the holiday season. So don’t forget about that the next time you’re in town.


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