Red Bank Pulse VLOG Episode 1: Experimenting

Back when we first started the site, our intention was to populate a database that would list the best happy hour specials in town. In addition to that, we hoped to shoot upwards of around 10 videos at the maximum over the course of the summer – showcasing some of the restaurants that we listed on the site.

Things change, just like how it goes in life. And with that, Red Bank Pulse evolved to something more than just a database site for happy hour specials. It became our special project to showcase why we love Red Bank, not just the town, but everything that makes it “a cool little town” to live in.

At the heart of it all, we made sure to make Red Bank the central focus in everything we’ve done – and we want to keep on doing that. While we’ll continue to shoot the same high production value videos we’ve been doing, we’re starting a new VLOGGING series that emphasis a real slice of life in Red Bank.

From the serious matters surrounding the direction of the town, to fun-filled events like parades, this new VLOG series will certainly have more of an unscripted, realist tone than what we’ve produced thus far. Episode 1 jumps right into what we’ve been doing of late, which is experimenting with different styles. And through the course of the video, you’ll see exactly how we did that.

We think you’ll like it. Thanks again for all the support!

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