Search for the best desserts in Red Bank: Dish’s Bread Pudding

Very recently, we’ve been thinking a lot of desserts. Whenever we go out to some place in town, we’re usually partaking on some happy hour specials, since that’s what we’re after most of the time, but then we almost never have room for dessert. Well, we thought that we should change the routine!

So, with that in mind, we’re on our quest to uncover some of the best desserts that Red Bank has to offer! Our first stop takes us to Dish Restaurant, which was recently featured in one of our spotlight posts. Anyone who has dined there knows what dessert the restaurant is known for! That’s the bread pudding of course, which you can check out in its full glory in the photos below and video above.

It’s the perfect ending to a meal, so make sure to save some room. And don’t forget to stop by Dish to check it out, just because you won’t be disappointed by this satisfying dessert!

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