Pokémon Go craze comes to Red Bank with a special event

There’s no denying the craze that’s surrounding Pokémon Go, it’s a phenomenon in itself. People of all ages have been playing the game, which has only been out for a short time not, but it has gone on to become one of the best-selling mobile games in history.

Part of the reasons why it’s so popular, besides having the Pokémon attachment to it, is the social aspect that gets players to travel and explore areas in real life to catch the elusive Pokémon – while also meeting up with other players in the process. Even adults have been entangled by the lures that Pokémon Go presents!

Red Bank will be hosting a special Pokémon Go event on Thursday, July 21st, during the evening between 6PM and 8PM for a chance to meet other players – as well as providing entertainment and live music to celebrate the occasion. Additionally, there will be a contest where people will have the opportunity to win prizes and gift cards from some of Red Bank’s popular stores.

Come out and have fun! For more details about the contest, you can click the link below.

source: Redbank.org

**image courtesy of Red Bank River Center**


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