Jersey Shore Fall Holiday Guide 2018

Fall is in the air, which also means that the upcoming holiday season will be right around the corner! Chilly temperatures are naturally expected, but we’ve been keeping busy by checking out a ton of awesome events happening around the Jersey Shore area.

For this Jersey Shore Fall Holiday Guide 2018, we’re featuring some amazing businesses, organizations, and non-profits, who we got the chance to tell their stories through the power of our videos. From fun a constant favorite that offers you the chance to paint your pottery, to an organization that helps pets to fight cancer, we’re extremely proud to present to you these amazing stories!

In no particular order, here are the businesses and organizations that we’re featuring in this guide. You can click each one to watch the respective videos we produced, to better give you an idea about what they offer.

A Time to Kiln

Artisan Collective

Blessing Bag Brigade

Brow Haus & Beauty

Eastside Bodyworks

Evil Fades Barbershop


Holly Lund Imagery

Pinwheel Place

Red Bank Chocolate Shoppe

The Brodie Fund

The Downtown


Urban Coalhouse Pizza + Bar