‘Say their names’ peaceful protest draws hundreds to Red Bank to celebrate the life of George Floyd [video]

At around 3:00 p.m. yesterday, June 9, hundreds of people walked down Broad Street to celebrate the life of George Floyd, with several police officers and town officials accompanying the crowd to the Count Basie Field — where they were joined by several speakers who spoke about the Black Lives Matter movement.

Red Bank is no stranger when it comes to hosting various events, and while the sensitive topic surrounding this one may be difficult for some, it’s yet affirmation surrounding the town’s respectful identity of being all-inclusive. For a town that hosted past events such as pride nights, film festivals, and night out events, this one is yet another on the list that shouldn’t be a surprise when it comes to hosting diverse events.

The protest rally walked through downtown Red Bank, with people chanting in unison about George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement. Some stores were boarded up in anticipation of the protest rally, but there was no worry in regards to violence thanks in part to the coordination between the organizers, the police department, and town officials.

While the day itself was undoubtedly warm, organizers of the event handed out bottles of water at various stops along the route — as well as in Count Basie Fields. There were many moments during the various speeches and performances that stood out, so you can watch them all in the video above.

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