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Currant General Store & Coffee Bar: Come for the goods, stay for the coffee

Broad Street may be traversed the most by locals and travelers for the selection of businesses there, but the latest addition to E. Front Street will surely add more foot traffic over on that side of downtown Red Bank. Currant General Store & Coffee Bar just recently opened its doors for business, offering a mixture of shopping and lite bites in a brightly lit space.

Currant General Store & Coffee Bar is located on 19 E. Front Street, serving up some specialty coffees.

Located on 19 E. Front Street, Currant General Store & Coffee Bar is the creation of Rumson resident Danielle Glazman. One part general store that offers products that are fashioned from sustainable materials and manufacturing, customers can treat themselves to a handful of specialty coffees that are freshly prepared.

Yes, the coffee creations are astounding, like the espresso, but the space itself deserves equally as much attention for the wide variety of decor, products, and apparel that are available for purchase. We’re told also that the space will be leveraged in the future to host special events.

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