Fitness centers & gyms in Red Bank that’ll whip you into great shape for the new year [guide]


Now that the new year is here, many people are probably going to start the year on the right path by joining a gym and shedding some of that holiday weight. If you’re in Red Bank, there are quite a few gyms to choose to help you achieve your goals – ranging from your traditional gym, to more specialized things.

To help streamline your search, we’ve researched several options located in Red Bank below. From Pilates places, to mixed martial arts, the gyms we’ve listed below will surely get you on track!

Without any further delay, here are the gyms in Red Bank that’ll whip you into great shape.

Renaissance The Studio

Location: 8 E Front St

The heart of Red Bank’s fitness oriented is undoubtedly the health & wellness offered at Renaissance The Studio, where members not only exercise their bodies, but also expand their minds and rejuvenate their spirit through an array of core training classes including Pilates, Barre, HIIT, Circuit, Davinci BodyBoard, rBAND training, bodyART® and more. First Floor Class is Complimentary.

The Atlantic Club

Location: 325 Maple Ave

At the Red Bank health club, you’ll enjoy an indoor pool, child care, a spa, fitness center, and a wide range of exercise classes and wellness programs to suit all ages and fitness levels including personal training, kinesis, yoga and pilates.

Underground Gym

Location: 46 Newman Springs Rd E

The Underground Gym works with men and woman of all ages, body types and fitness levels. Our coaches are internationally recognized as some of the best kettle bell, martial arts and personal training experts. They have appeared on podcasts, in fitness magazines, produced fitness DVDS and run a successful YouTube Channel. For those who can’t train with us at our Red Bank New Jersey location we offer distance learning with online courses. For more information about training at the Underground Gym or our online courses, please contact us.

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Jersey Strong

Location: 30 W Front St

Jersey Strong Red Bank, is located in the heart of Red Bank’s downtown shopping district at the intersection of Broad and Main Streets. Though smaller in size than most Jersey Strongs as it inhabits one of the cities smaller retail sized units, it still has the latest in fitness and training equipment, and everyone knows one another. It embodies the true family nature of Jersey Strong. PLUS, you can’t beat the water views of the Navesink as you do you your cardio. Run along the water all year long.

jersey strong logo

CrossFit TreeHouse II

Location: 120 Monmouth Street

CrossFit TreeHouse is based around the symbol of a tree. What is so significant about a tree? While a tree can have many different meanings, what resonates with us is its symbol of connection. The human body has a similar body structure as a tree. We have a trunk and roots that reach deep into the soil, acknowledging our connection to the earth. Our branches extend to the sky acknowledging our connection to our soul. The tree illustrates the concept of our interconnectedness within our universe. It symbolizes our connection to everything around us and serves as a reminder that our own happiness, health, and growth are intertwined.

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CrossFit Salus

Location: 547 Route 35

At CrossFit Salus, we are committed to providing a supportive and challenging environment for you to develop and maintain health and fitness for life.

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Pure Barre

Location: 127 Broad St

Our two main goals down here at the Pure Barre studio in Red Bank, New Jersey, are to support each other and become the best versions of ourselves that we can be. Our workouts focus on strengthening your body, especially the arms, legs, thighs, seat, and abdominals. Each of our strengthening exercises is always followed by a stretch to give you length and prevent bulking. You will fall in love with our classes, which offer a consistent structure. While the flow of the class remains constant, though, the exercises and music change daily to give you a fresh workout experience.

Center for Pilates

Location: 2 Bridge Ave #314

At our authentic Pilates studio, we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service. Our personal attention, comprehensive knowledge and dedication to each client create an atmosphere of excellence. Whether you are looking for a private, duet or group class, the Center for Pilates of Red Bank will give you the tools of the classical Pilates method to create a lifetime of health! Center for Pilates offers a variety of different classes that compliment our classical approach!

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Eastside Bodyworks

Location: 21 Mechanic St

When you step into Eastside Bodyworks you will immediately feel the positive energy generated. Our friendly, caring instructors are at your disposal to help you achieve your fitness goals. We are committed to offering a variety that meets the needs of all ages and abilities. Eastside Bodyworks offers Clients Private and small group Pilates sessions utilizing a variety of apparatus, as well as Private Assisted Stretch sessions.

Pilates Blast Studio

Location: 134 Broad St

Pilates Blast welcomes LA’s hottest new workout! This 40 minute muscle-quivering, total-body conditioning sweat fest powered by Megaformer/Lagree Fitness™ is unlike any workout you have ever experienced!

EvenFlow Yoga

Location: 25 Broad Street, 2nd Floor

EvenFlow Yoga is a warm, expansive space that captures the essence of the vibrant Red Bank community. Many of you all know the benefits of a Yoga practice: stress management, weight loss, the strengthening and toning muscles, and enhanced mental awareness. Our intention is to help newbies and seasoned practitioners achieve balance and weave Yoga into daily life.

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Community YMCA of Red Bank

Location: 166 Maple Ave

The Community YMCA is a leading nonprofit in central New Jersey, committed to strengthening communities in the areas of youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. Founded in 1874 in Red Bank, NJ, we now serve over 20,000 people in Monmouth County and beyond with life-changing programs including: afterschool care, diabetes prevention, early learning readiness, financial assistance, mentoring, summer camp, therapeutic counseling, and so much more.

Aikido of Red Bank

Location: 350 NJ-35

Aikido – the “way to harmony with spirit” – strives ideally to avoid an attack altogether, combining awareness of self and situation, non-confrontational body posture and calm demeanor. But if an attack should occur, Aikido teaches how to effectively defend oneself while also protecting those attacking. This is the practice of true Budo, acknowledging the preciousness of all life. The techniques of Aikido are characterized by an emphasis on getting off the line of attack, blending with and redirecting an attacker’s energy, taking their balance and finishing with a throw and/or a pin. It is not a fighting art but instead a way to defuse aggression through a peaceful yet powerful art form.

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Garden State Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Location: 336 NJ-35

Martial Arts and Fitness Academy located in Red Bank, New Jersey! We offer Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, No-Gi Submission Wrestling, Fitness classes, and much much more! Contact us to schedule an appointment to tour our academy and take a complimentary class!

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