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Red Bank Pulse Spotlight: Salon Concrete

There are few places in Red Bank that combine art, fashion, style, and pop culture all into one place. Salon Concrete is one of them, surprisingly enough, seeing that most people probably wouldn’t associate a salon with art and pop culture per se.

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Salon Concrete is located at 123 Broad Street in Red Bank, NJ.

Located at 123 Broad Street in Red Bank, Salon Concrete is one of those unique hair salons because they go beyond the typical expectations. Sure, you can get your hair cut or trimmed by any of their masterful stylists, but when you visit the salon, you might be surprised by how it’s also an art gallery – with various works displayed throughout the location.


Better yet, Salon Concrete is invested in the surrounding community, hosting several art exhibitions at its locations – as well as organizing meaningful benefit events, like its “Hair for Hurricanes” back in the fall. Obviously, there are several places in Red Bank you can opt to go for a new style. Quite frankly, It’s rare to find an organization that’s passionate not only for their core business, but also giving back to the community and industry!

Don’t forget to check out our photos below from our most recent visit! And there’s also another gallery below from our coverage of Salon Concrete’s “Hair for Hurricanes.”


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