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DANZHouse Fitness to host its 1st outdoor studio parking lot class

When the weather is pleasant, it never hurts to exercise outdoors. Join DANZHouse Fitness for its 1st outdoor studio parking lot class on Friday, June 5, where participants will be getting their dance exercise on with this fun class!

It’s here! Our 1st outdoor studio parking lot class!! Join us this Friday, 6/5 at 5:15pm! Dance area will be coned/ roped off. There will be room to park in the back like usual. Masks can be worn at your own discretion- not required while dancing. Please read ad for details!

As it’s detailed in the photo below, the event will run for about 45 minutes starting at 5:15 p.m. over DANZHouse Fitness’ parking lot on 352 Sycamore Avenue in Shrewsbury, NJ. Those wishing to sign up for the class will need to register through the Mindbody app.

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