Primerica relocates its regional office to downtown Red Bank with grand opening event [photos]

There have been several businesses in Red Bank that recently opened up, which is always a good sign for the local economy. Even though the vast majority of recent businesses have been in the food industry, this latest one is focused around financial services.

After 10 years of having its office situated on Half Mile Road, the regional Primerica office just relocated to 135 Monmouth Street in Red Bank, NJ. The office is owned and managed by Clem and Tania Lisitski, who are extremely excited to now be in the downtown area of Red Bank.

If you’re curious of what Primerica is, here’s a snippet of what’s listed on their web site.

Primerica (NYSE: PRI) is the largest independent financial services organization in North America, serving middle-income households in the U.S., Canada and the territories of Puerto Rico and Guam. Its International Headquarters is located in Duluth, GA. Our distribution model uniquely positions us to reach underserved middle-income consumers in a cost-effective manner and has proven itself in both favorable and challenging economic environments. As of 2017, it reported 126,121 life insurance licensed independent representatives, including over 24,000 additionally-licensed securities representatives.

Don’t forget to check out all the photos from its grand opening event, which was held on Friday, November 8.


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