Rally for the Navesink public meeting to be held on May 30 in Rumson


Clean Ocean Action’s next Rally for the Navesink public meeting will be held on Thursday, May 30th, over in Rumson.

Save the date for the next Rally for the Navesink meeting.


-Critters of the Two Rivers: Learn about horseshoe crabs and other river-dwelling creatures that share our beautiful waterways from Dave Grant, Conservation Director at the Shark Research Institute.

-NJ Friends of Clearwater’s Environmental Sail Program: Hear from Senior NJFC Captain Tom Gibson about how the Friends of Clearwater are building “awareness of our environment, the effects of pollution on it, and humans’ ability to cause it and to cure it” by offering sails on the Navesink River and other educational programs.

-Navesink River Ambient Bacteria Source Track Down Program Update from Clean Ocean Action and NJDEP

-Rally for the Rivers Eco-Fest: Saturday, June 8

This meeting will run from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM over at Bingham Hall in Rumson, NJ.

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Rally for the Navesink Public Meeting



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