Italian natural wine fair to be held at Birravino on May 19 featuring tastings & live music

Join Birravino in Red Bank for its upcoming Italian natural wine fair, which will feature tastings and live music on Sunday, May 19th.

SUNDAY MAY 19th 2 – 5 pm
Beergarden @ Birravino

Jersey Shores 1st Natural Wine Tasting

What is a natural wine? Organic? Sustainable? Biodynamic?

Is it true you won’t get a hangover from these?

Come and find out and taste through some of Italy’s finest natural wine offerings.

Chris Leo & Laura Marchetti – New Jersey’s leading importer and distributor of fine natural wines from Italy & the world, The Maritime Republic Imports.

Anthony Verdoni – Professor, wine critic, natural wine enthusiast & lover of all Italian.

$20 Entry (includes a bottle of Rapillo Rosato with your order)
20 wines will be tasted from Italy’s best natural wine producers

Steve and Johnny

There’s a $20 cost for entry to the event, which will be running from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM over at Birravino’s beer garden on 183 Riverside Avenue in Red Bank, NJ.

source: Birravino

WIne festival Birravino


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