Chill Cryotherapy, the coolest spot in Red Bank, officially opens for business [photos]

The coolest place in Red Bank is now officially open for business, Chill Cryotherapy! Seriously, it’s the coolest place in town because of the sub-zero temperatures you’re exposed to when you’re in one of their Kriosan local cryotherapy machine – reaching temperatures approximately around -240F.

Chill Cryotheraphy 29 of 68
Chill Cryotheraphy is located on 64 Broad Street in Red Bank, NJ.

Chill Cryotherapy is located on 64 Broad Street, right in the heart of downtown Red Bank, offering an assortment of cryotherapy services to reduce inflammation, slow down the aging process, speed up you metabolism, and even get you a speedy recovery after an injury.

Many patrons were on hand, including the Mayor of Red Bank, during the grand opening of Chill Cryotherapy. Store owner, Paul Musho, was actually a longtime customer of Chill Cryotherapy of Westfield, and loved cryotheraphy’s transformative qualities, that he eventually decided to open up his own store here in Red Bank.

As always, don’t forget to check out all the photos from its grand opening festivities!



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