New year, big changes. Are you ready for us? [video]


Say hello to 2019! The new year is finally here, and we can’t be any more proud to announce some exciting news.

Ever since our inception in the spring of 2016, we have been driven to explore our local communities. Initially, we were focused all on happy hour in Red Bank, but as we proceeded to meet individuals, organizations, businesses, and even some local leaders, we soon began to realize that we’re becoming storytellers. Not simply for Red Bank, but for the surrounding towns and cities that make up the greater Jersey Shore area.

Downtown Red Bank landscape buildings 15 of 26
Downtown Red Bank during the 2018 holiday season.

It’s been an incredible ride so far with this passion project, but we’re striving to do much more! With that in mind, you’ll see more and more content about what’s going on around our area – as well as more exciting videos from us! Are you looking for a good cup of Joe? Or maybe you’re thinking about ideas about how to spend your birthday? Don’t worry because we’ll explore all of that with our coverage throughout the year.

With that in mind, please watch our video above to find out what’s next. We promise it’s going to be one incredible ride!

-Katie & John


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