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Make your very own custom sequin pillow at Paint A Tee [video]

Paint A Tee in Red Bank may be known for the custom t-shirts it traditionally offers, but very recently they’ve expanded to offering custom sequin pillows as well. They’ve been trendy of late if you haven’t noticed, so having the option to customize one is definitely different.

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Paint A Tee is located on 18 Monmouth Street in Red Bank, NJ.

We stopped by to check out the process in creating one over at Paint A Tee, which is located on 18 Monmouth Street. Since these are custom-made, the first thing to do is to actually paint or draw your creation on paper, which is then scanned into a computer. From there, it can be enhanced by adding text and other things. And finally, it’s printed onto the sequins that are already on the pillow.

Paint A Tee has been open in Red Bank since 2012, offering an assortment of DIY activities that are mostly geared to kids. Not only can your creation be put on a t-shirt, but they can also print it onto notebooks, mouse pads, frames, and many other things! They even host special events like birthday parties!


Store owner Marissa Clifford, who grew up in Red Bank, says that part of the reason why she opened shop here is because Red Bank is a walking town and it has a thriving art district. Furthermore, she says, “I love working with kids and the art side of it. And it’s fun dealing with the kids and seeing their faces when they see their art on the items we make.

As always, don’t forget to check out all the photos below, as well as our video above that highlights the process of creating its sequin pillows!



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