STEM Music Academy Makerspace in Red Rank is a high-tech place that allows kids & young adults to collaborate on projects [photos]

Red Bank is already home to a multitude of businesses that range from eateries, to boutique stores, and gift shops, but one of the latest ones to open in town is from a unique, specialized variety.

Red Bank STEM Music Academy Makerspace 1 of 46
STEM Music Academy Makerspace is located at 30 Monmouth Street, which was formerly occupied by Monouth Music.

Painting itself as a “makerspace” for kids and young adults, STEM Music Academy is really more of a high-tech locale where you can find several things that pertain to activities around STEM – science, technology, engineering, and math. You get that sense right away, as there are a slew of VR systems in plain sight that allow members to experience VR, which is increasingly seeing more usage in education as a supplementary form of teaching.

Further into the new space, there are other areas where members can collaborate together to create music, build/program robots, and even dive into some competitive eSport training. However, the unique thing about the STEM Music Academy Makerspace is that it gives kids a safe place, the ability tp collaborate on project, and even get some homework help from instructors.

Red Bank STEM Music Academy Makerspace 29 of 46

We’re even told that the space can be rented out as well for other activities, such as birthdays, small concerts, and much more. There’s definitely a techy element attached to the makerspace, which definitely appeals to the demographic that the business is after. As for pricing, it’s based on a monthly pricing plan that you can find online through its website.

As always, don’t forget to check out all the photos from our recent visit below!


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