“The Five In Merseyside” film to premiere on November 19th at Two River Theater

A local filmmaker who hails from Marlboro, Trifon Dimitropoulos, will be premiering his new film, “The Five In Merseyside,” at Two River Theater on Monday, November 19th.

TRIFON DIMITROPOULOS is a filmmaker from Marlboro, NJ. He studied
Film & Philosophy at Seton Hall University. After he graduated, he went on to work for
the soap opera: As The World Turns, where in turn, he would meet his mentor and 3
time Emmy award winning editor, Bob Mackler. Since then, he has written and directed
several projects. One of which being, The Five In Merseyside that’s set to premiere this
month. Trifon will be the first to tell you movies have molded him into the artist he’s

The Five In Merseyside premiere is a private screening that will be held at Two River
Theatre in Red Bank, NJ on November 19, 2018 @ 7 PM EST. The event is sponsored
by Moët et Chandon & Tito’s Vodka.

The premiere is slated to start at 7:00 PM over at Two River Theater on 21 Bridge Avenue in Red Bank, NJ.

source: Vimeo via Black on the Canvas

The Five In Merseyside


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