“The Five In Merseyside” film to premiere on November 19th at Two River Theater

A local filmmaker who hails from Marlboro, Trifon Dimitropoulos, will be premiering his new film, “The Five In Merseyside,” at Two River Theater on Monday, November 19th.

TRIFON DIMITROPOULOS is a filmmaker from Marlboro, NJ. He studied
Film & Philosophy at Seton Hall University. After he graduated, he went on to work for
the soap opera: As The World Turns, where in turn, he would meet his mentor and 3
time Emmy award winning editor, Bob Mackler. Since then, he has written and directed
several projects. One of which being, The Five In Merseyside thatโ€™s set to premiere this
month. Trifon will be the first to tell you movies have molded him into the artist he’s

The Five In Merseyside premiere is a private screening that will be held at Two River
Theatre in Red Bank, NJ on November 19, 2018 @ 7 PM EST. The event is sponsored
by Moรซt et Chandon & Titoโ€™s Vodka.

The premiere is slated to start at 7:00 PM over at Two River Theater on 21 Bridge Avenue in Red Bank, NJ.

source: Vimeo via Black on the Canvas

The Five In Merseyside


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