Experience the love of toy trains with “The Magic of Lionel” at The Historical Village at Allaire on November 17th

Calling all toy train lovers! You’ll want to check out “The Magic of Lionel” event that’s taking place on Saturday, November 17th, where you’ll get to experience the magic of Lionel’s toy trains at The Historical Village at Allaire.

Neill Hartley is Joshua Lionel Cowen in this magical one-man show about the founding and history of one of the greatest toy companies ever created! Follow his climb to the top of the toy industry, as he creates Lionel Toy Trains, one of the most beloved and successful toy companies of all time.

Experience the magic of toy trains and the timeless pleasure of model railroading. Learn about Joshua Lionel Cowen’s incredible skill at marketing with indelible images that have helped sell over 50 million train sets and more than 300 miles of track.

Before the show you can stop by the Museum and see our Christmas display exhibition on the history of the toy train, or join us after the program – we’ll be open until 6:00pm!

Tickets are now available online through the link below at $20 per person. It’ll be held from 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM over at The Historical Village at Allaire on 4263 Atlantic Avenue in Wall Township, NJ.

source: Eventbrite via Facebook


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