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The Great Jersey Shore Martini Contest will be held on November 4th in Spring Lake

When it comes to a martini, there’s usually a specific form that’s necessary when crafting one. If you’re dazzled by the creation of a martini, then you’ll want to check out the Great Jersey Shore Martini Contest, which is being held on Sunday, November 4th!

Come cheer on back-to-back champion and Mister C’s Martini Magician KEVIN HARVEY as he defends BOTH of his titles at The Great Jersey Shore Martini Contest!

Enjoy Kevin’s wizardry during the happiest happy hour on the Jersey Shore, right here at Mister C’s, Tuesday-Sunday from 3-6:30!

AND join us Wednesdays for Cocktail Corner! If you’re AT the bar at 5pm, samples are on the house!!

Tickets to this event are now available at $40 per person online. It’ll be held from 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM over at the Spring Lake Manor on 415 State Route 71 in Spring Lake, NJ.

source: Eventbrite via Facebook


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