A Shared Universe PodcaStudio has everything you’ll need to get started with podcasting – right in Eatontown

We recently stopped by to check out A Shared Universe PodcaStudio, which is located at One Main Street over in Eatontown, NJ – a short drive from downtown Red Bank. If you’re not familiar with the business, it’s actually a studio where aspiring and experienced podcasters have the opportunity to podcast and share everything on their mind.

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A Share Universe PodcaStudio is located at One Main Street, Suite 319, in Eatontown, NJ.

Podcasting in general has become one of the most consumed forms of entertainment in recent memory, so if you have the desire to get started, A Shared Universe PodcaStudio has everything you’ll need to get started. And that’s exactly the premise, as co-owner Ming Chen, from AMC’s Comic Book Men, explained to us that the studio is equipped to help you to share your story through podcasting.

Not surprisingly, the studio is adorned with several memorabilia that owners Mike Zapcic and Ming Chen have acquired through the years, which definitely adds to the charm and ambiance when podcasting at the studio. And of course, the studio features all the microphones, mixers, and other audio equipment to get you to start podcasting – allowing you to quickly jump into a session without the worries of having the necessary equipment in producing a professional podcast. They take the hassle out of the experience, seeing that all you need to worry about is just doing the actual podcast session.

For those who want to tell their story, it’s a great platform to leverage, especially when the two owners join the conversation. Rates for A Shared Universe PodcaStudio can be found on its website, which starts at $25 per hour. There are even classes that are offered at the studio, where you’ll get a crash course on podcasting with none other than Mike and Ming.

Don’t forget to check out all the photos below from our recent visit!

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