The Great Red Bank Egg Hunt 2018 returns March 31

Circle down the date folks! The Great Red Bank Egg Hunt returns to Red Bank on Saturday, March 31st.

Details about the upcoming event will be available as the date draws closer, but if it’s similar to last year’s inaugural event, you can expect a town-wide egg hunt that’ll have egg hunters solving puzzles in order to obtain those precious eggs, which will not only be filled with various candies, chocolates, and other treats, but also prizes!

Red Bank Easter Egg Hunt

The second annual Great Red Bank Egg Hunt is presented by the Red Bank Business Alliance, “an alliance of Red Bank business owners founded with the purpose of enhancing the vibrancy of Red Bank as a destination for shopping, dining and entertainment.

We’ll update this post when additional details become available, but if you’re curious about what happened last year, you can check out our video coverage below, as well as all of the photos.

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